“Let me enthusiastically say that Maggie May is an exceptional massage therapist! I have been a client for many years and have always known her to be professional, knowledgeable, and attentive, complemented by her extremely personable and outgoing nature. I am a competitive long-distance runner and bicyclist, and annually compile over 2,000 miles of training and competition in each of those two disciplines. Thanks to her care and special attention I am able to recover quicker from the rigors of training and competition, with the added benefit of improved flexibility. I highly recommend Maggie’s services, and encourage everyone to discover the many benefits that a regular massage can yield.”
-- Tracy Miller
“Maggie is super friendly, thorough, and talented. I’ve had many great experiences with her. She did a great job relieving tension and muscle tightness without beating me up. I even fell asleep once, I was so relaxed. I would highly recommend a visit.”
-- Anthony Olson, Associate Professor, Piano and Organ, Los Angeles
“Maggie is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. She is genuinely interested in my well-being and it shows. She always gives her all and does amazing deep-tissue work and sports-massage therapy. I only wish I could have one every week! I would and do recommend Maggie McElroy to everyone. She has taken wonderful care of my father who also raves about her.”
-- Jude Steiner, Chief Inspector for English Language Education, UCLA
“I think Maggie is fabulous! She is very professional and an excellent masseuse. She has helped me recover from numerous sports injuries and stress tension.After 3 spinal surgeries, 2 in the last 3 years, she has taken the best care of me. I highly recommend her deep-tissue bodywork! Maggie is the most talented and tuned in therapist I have ever seen! "
-- Jeremy Stephens, Event Planner, Culver City
“Maggie has magic fingers. She is a pro! She always gets the balance of pressure perfectly. She has many creative moves in her repertoire including knee pressure for tight glutes. Her light pressure moves always make me feel amazing, too! After a massage, I'm always more grounded and feeling so much better in my body! I can't simply recommend her highly enough! Thanks for being in my life, Maggie May! ”
-- Nia Allers, Pilates Instructor, Live Well Pilates Center, Los Angeles
“Maggie, thank you for the most amazing massage that I have ever had! Your knowledge, technique, and desire to heal a body are so appreciated. I have had many massages, but none before yours that actually targeted problem areas and resulted in less everyday pain and more freedom of movement. Not only do I come away knowing that my lumps and bumps are quickly disappearing, which is also lessening the pain, but I am also relaxed, refreshed, and more energetic on a daily basis. Thank you again!”
-- Olivia Ramos, Real Estate Broker, Remax Equity Group, Los Angeles
“Maggie McElroy has been my massage therapist for as long as she has been in practice. I have never had a therapist do what she can for my chronic pain. I am a professional hair stylist for over eighteen years. Because of my craft, I often have pinched nerves, numbness in my arms, neck problems, sciatic nerve issues, and many other sore spots in my body. I have been able to see Maggie for this almost once a month in the past. Massage for me has never been a relaxing treat, but more of a necessary maintenance ritual. I have had many therapists over the years and I am not the only one who feels that Maggie is by far the most talented I have ever had. She has a soothing demeanor and a strength within her that is truly magic.”
-- Arminar Hampson - Westwood
“Maggie May is one of the best massage and bodywork therapists I’ve encountered in Los Angeles. Amazing. Wonderful. Professional. Thoughtful. I've been getting massage for 7 years and she does great work with deep-tissue massage, which is what I need due to my occupation, which requires repetitive motion. She is also flexible enough to lighten up on the pressure for more sensitive areas and gives you exactly what you need. She also has a wonderfully calm touch, which will put you at ease. Thank you for always turning me from a tense, wretched, painful self into free, fluid, and human feeling person!She definitely has the best technique out of any massage therapist I have encountered in my life!”
-- Tim Grossman, Marina Del Rey

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