What sets your body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul on fire?
I’m Maggie May, a multi-passionate physical therapist and GYROTONIC® /GYROKINESIS® instructor; the owner and sole proprietor of Chakra Integration. As a health and wellness guide, I celebrate my clients by helping them discover how to be healthy and live their dreams. I nurture breakthroughs so they feel fully engaged in their personal and professional lives. I am a muscle whisperer who can feel even subtle tensions. Through an integrated bodywork program centering on GYROTONIC® /GYROKINESIS® practices, I create space for your body to facilitate the healing process. I offer massage as a supplemental tool to engage with my clients’ process of healing and expansion. My custom tailored sessions utilize all of my skills, allowing my clients cultivate ease, peace, balance, and freedom.

Why work with me?

All my clients are committed to an ongoing bodywork program that lasts for at least one month; single sessions and walk-ins are impossible with my method. Most people who work with me want to release physical and emotional pain. I teach people how to feel the way they want to feel and integrate those new feelings into their bodies and lives.”

Here I am. Here you are. Welcome, home! How do you want to FEEL, today?

Call: 424.901.1056 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

      •Master’s in Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy – USC
      • BS of Exercise Science/Kinesiology – UCLA
      • Soma Institute for Clinical Massage Therapy
      • The National Personal Training Institute
      • 500-Hour Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
      • Certified Circle of Life health and wellness coach
      • Lymph Drainage Therapy
      • Visceral Manipulation
      • Myofascial Release Massage
      • Body reading and using fascial/structural integration techniques
      • Scar Tissue Release Therapy
      • Orthopedic/Clinical Massage with James Waslaski

Life is a sacred gift. Recently, I have been enjoying time with clients that talk all about how much they feel…
Integrate to create
What's your intention? How do you want to feel?