“The body never lies.”

A client asked me the other day, “How often do you listen to your body?”

My answer: “Throughout the day I swim in a pool of messages, but I can’t tell you how often. I can’t even tell you if I hear everything, but what I can tell you is that I have learned to listen to and trust my body.”

She laughed as she said, “I am 54 and I just learned that my body speaks not only when it’s in pain; it speaks all the time.” She is a firm believer in the Gyrotonic training session that, within Gyrotonic training sessions, the more her body is challenged, the more her mind settles and provides her with awareness, awareness not only of when the body is working with restriction but also of when her mind puts restriction in the way of the perfect perception necessary for her healing.

I remember a day she sat down and said, “I am exhausted of all the demands and of keeping up a lifestyle of contraction, of doing non-stop cardio to fit the perfect picture in my mind of how I am supposed to look.” I remember smiling and saying, “If everything looks so perfect but you feel exhausted, why don’t you change your perception by feeling so f$&^%*& great inside that it radiates that feeling?”

A new journey began, as she wanted to explore the Chakra Integration Program. We sat down and set an intention for the first month so she could give it a try and dip deeper into what the program entails. After the first month she stated that she was intensely motivated to feel great, so she signed up for the 3-month package. She applied with keen sense and follow-through to identify all her small victories. At the end of the third month, she handed me a journal that melted my heart. She had noted the whole process and the shifts that she worked so hard toward. She noted this: “As I listened to my body I truly was able, with your help, to transform my pain and restriction into healing, and to regain freedom. The most beautiful part is that I understand that having a fun, knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and engaged person to hold my hand was the key to exploring the possibilities.”

My Gyrotonic foundation is what has opened the door to new level of awareness of my body that allows me to share and enhance my private practice with my clients. I have worked with people of all ages and ranges of fitness — from athletes who love to be challenged and want to experience the fluidity of integrating more awareness to those with limited mobility who need lots of support. Things have really evolved, the result being a program that allows you to see results every day, as it’s the commitment to integrating the program every day that lets you create what you want to feel in your life.

It’s my privilege and honor to serve, to do my best to help people who are not only listening but hearing the issues in their tissues, taking small actions to shift, transform, and experience the health benefits that come along the way as they radiate their best self.

I had a dream to be able to experience so much in my life, to study with great teachers and go to good schools, but it’s my client that have truly made my dream come true. I am happy I have a private practice that has evolve to a level where I can be the best of me and where people want to be better than they were yesterday.

I’m trusting this gives you some food of thought, as I believe the body has more wisdom than your mind can analyze. Feel into it and let yourself freely be loving and nurturing. One day you will come to understand that it’s the LOVE you give to yourself that will open the door to befriend your body, which is always there for you.

Jump high and have a lovely day!

With Much Gratitude,


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