Floating in the inner realm of life
Every time I give myself the gift to reflect and enjoy some time in nature, I feel beyond blessed to watch my thoughts float by. The more I choose to play the observer mode as I lay down in the green grass, I feel that everything is being released into the earth and I can fully engage in syncing my heart beat with the flow of my life.

It's a choice to take some time and go in nature so you clearly see the patterns that influence your life. Perhaps, I have heard so many times how busy we all are and how busyness is the new addiction in life. I like to experience this inner addiction, to pause every time I feel super busy, and have so many things to do and take care of. The biggest addiction has become my choice to choose extreme self care and breathe with the pulsation of life.

I just returned from a Gyrokinesis retreat in Germany, and I can't simply explain how deeply I have been touched. My entire body system was rejuvenated and re-educated to what fluidity and flexibility does as I allow alignment to take me back into dancing in the river of life. I am on fire to share the harmonious connection through the use of breath and dancing in my new Gyrokinesis class.

For anyone ready to experience the floating factor in an intimate setting through the seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular in all possible joint articulation, feel free to reach out for more information.
The main theme of the beginners Gyrokinesis class will start with self massage and simple breathing patterns to awaken the body and tap into the freedom of feeling pain free.

Come in and learn how to work with your body's own healing process!

Infinite blessings,


Life is a sacred gift. Recently, I have been enjoying time with clients that talk all about how much they feel…
Integrate to create
What's your intention? How do you want to feel?